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Changelog: Revamping the API endpoints workflow and boosting your productivity

A cleaner and more contextualized API endpoint publication workflow, a bunch of quick guides that'll boost your productivity dealing with large data projects and... some spooky extras!!
Alberto Romeu
Backend Developer
Oct 30, 2020
  min read

A cleaner and more contextualized API endpoint publication workflow, a bunch of quick guides that will boost your productivity dealing with large data projects and… and some 👻ֆքօօӄʏ🎃 extras!!

Keep reading what’s new in Tinybird for you!

What’s new?

Boosting your data projects productivity

As more users work with their data as code using the Tinybird Command Line Interface (still in beta), we keep adding more use cases and documenting features that will boost your productivity.

Check the advanced templates documentation page to learn how to reuse parameterized nodes among several of your API endpoints. No more copy and paste!

Dealing with dozens of data sources, versions and environments? Check out the quick guides to make your data projects flow!

CLI guides


Revamping the API endpoints publication worfklow

You’ll probably have noticed a few changes in your dashboard in the last two weeks.

Long-story-short: Since a few weeks, you (our users) are able to easily publish and share documentation for your API endpoints. From the design point of view, it supposed a new step in the {% code-line %}ingestion<->transformation<->publication{% code-line-end %} workflow. We learned from you and made the whole process cleaner, more contextual and pleasant!

This is what you get right now:

More tweaks will come in the next weeks, specially about the nodes layout, where our users spend most of their time exploring solutions for their business problems. Stay tuned!

Create empty pipes

Additionally to the changes in the API endpoints design workflow, you can now create empty pipes both from the dashboard main page or any time from the side bar.

Create empty pipe

Bug fixes

Our favourite section! This time we fixed minor stuff in the Tokens API.

Check out our (users only) integrated changelog to be up to date each day on all things corrections and improvements.

🎃💀ȶʀɨƈӄ օʀ ȶʀɛǟȶ!💀🎃

Hey… You’d better not log in your account these days… you are warned! MUAHAHAHA!!

What are your main challenges when dealing with large quantities of data? Request access to Tinybird and get started with real-time analytics right away.

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