Events API

While Kafka remains a popular way to ingest events data, sometimes our users just want a super simple way to send an events stream to Tinybird. And there’s nothing simpler than sending events through HTTPS via our events API. Just copy the snippet, run the script, and see your data instantly show up in the workspace for you to start querying.

CLI updates

One of our core beliefs at Tinybird is that you should be able to build with data like you build with code. And that means being able to run tests. We’re excited to announce our first few feature launches to enable testing in Tinybird data projects. In particular, the CLI has new commands and plus some added functionality, including:

  • tb test to add tests to files
  • New metrics about endpoint response times (max, min, mean, median and p90) on the pipe command tb pipe regression-test
  • tb workspace clear now deletes all files in the workspace. Given that this command drops all the resources inside a project, please use it with care!
  • tb pipe publish to change which node of the Pipe is published as an endpoint.
  • tb check to verify query syntax.You can find all the latest changes in the command-line updates.


Our work to allow decimal values in seconds (for example, max_execution_time=0.5) was merged.