Releases and GitHub UI deprecation

To improve Tinybird Versions, we are deprecating a handful of features to simplify the experience of iterating data projects:

  • Releases: Understanding which of the different deployment strategies to use based on the change you were trying to deploy increased the learning curve too much. Most changes were just deployed as post-releases. We are removing them until we can introduce them better.
  • GitHub integration from the UI: The gap between working from the UI and waiting for an external CI/CD to run was confusing and reduced speed. We are keeping the more flexible connection to Git from the CLI.
  • CI/CD default actions: Providing out-of-the-box complete CI/CD actions was a problem once something unexpected happened. We are improving our CI/CD guides to help you build the workflow and actions that better fit your needs with the same tools.

We have updated the docs to reflect this change and the best way to work with CI/CD and version control in Tinybird.

The deprecated features will continue working until July 1st, 2024. The latest CLI release 4.0.0 hides and makes optional the --semver option from tb deploy and the latest CI template skips Releases. On July 1st we will deactivate the feature flag that allows using Releases, so deploys using a semversion will fail and Releases will be removed from the Workspaces.

How to prepare for the deprecation

Ensure you don’t have any Preview Releases with work you want to keep. Once Releases are deprecated, your Workspace will only keep the active Live Release.

If you are using the GitHub integration from the UI, you will have to disconnect your Workspace and connect again using ‘tb init —git’. You can read more about it in the docs. Make sure you remove the default deploy actions or upgraded to the 4.0.1.