Copy Pipes and lots of QOL

After two back to back launch weeks, we took some time off from publishing a changelog to catch our breath - but we’re back! And we have some amazing things to share with you.

In June, we shipped some major new features, some QOL improvements, and over 100 minor bug fixes, tech debt resolutions, and security upgrades.

Copy Pipes

Copy Pipes let you sink the results of a Pipe into a Data Source either on demand or on a schedule. You can use them to create point-in-time snapshots, consolidate the results of CDC, finalize deduplication and more. Read the announcement here.

Other notable changes

  • Although you might not notice it directly, we rebuilt a core piece of our architecture that handles the high-availability & failover capabilities for our Events API and the API Endpoints you publish. The old architecture was still letting us achieve over 99.9% availability, but this change will see us into the future. You can always monitor our availability at
  • The Tinybird VS Code extension has had a huge upgrade.
  • Our ClickHouse team has been working hard to improve support for Parallel Replicas which will make Tinybird scale effortlessly into a trillion-row future.
  • When using the Kafka connector, you can now choose to include any Kafka headers along with the event message.
  • Any API Endpoint can now be explored in the Time Series UI
  • We added support for Map types, making it easier to ingest data with complex dictionary-style data.
  • The email notifications about Workspace consumption have been improved, to make it easier to be alerted about changing in your Workspace without needing to log in.
  • We’ve improved a wide range of error messages in the platform to be more consistent & helpful, particularly around Kafka & Parquet files.
  • For our Enterprise customers with dedicated infrastructure, we’ve merged support for isolated Kafka consumers to allow to for more secure & predictable access to disparate Kafka clusters.
  • Tinybird’s color palette has been updated! Our green & blue hues in the UI have been updated with richer colors that improve contrast and make the UI more accessible.
  • You can now drag & drop your Tinybird resource files (.pipe, .datasource, etc.) onto the UI to create them without the CLI.
  • From the CLI, you can also delete Tinybird resources using the resource files, e.g. tb pipe rm my_pipe.pipe.