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November 21, 2023

More insights into Materialized Views

Updated summary page for Materialized Views

Published Materialized Views now have a summary page showing various details and metrics, such as their processed data, duration and errors, as well as a visual display of the Materialized Views data flow lineage.

When you publish an API Endpoint in Tinybird, you can access a summary page via the UI to see the API Endpoint’s requests, latency, errors and access its logs. It’s a great way for an engineer to get quick insights into an API Endpoint. However, when publishing a Materialized View, these insights were only available by analyzing the data in the Services Data Source, which takes a little more effort. The new Materialized View summary page makes the most important stats available immediately for quick monitoring.

Other notable changes

  • The Tokens page has been updated to show more details and now supports bulk actions and filters
  • -SimpleState has been removed from the automatic query optimizer for Materialized Views. You can still use this modifier when manually defining Materialized View queries.
  • When using Versions, Guest users are now more restricted in read-only Environments
  • Improved some UI elements where long resource names could break formatting
  • Improved handling of optional API parameters in auto-generated OpenAPI specs
  • On the Data Source details page, renamed the Graph tab to Data flow to match the side nav
  • Pipe queries that includes full scans over a Data Source continue to be a common anti-pattern that affect performance of API Endpoints, we’ve improved the design & added more information to the tooltip when we detect a query with a full scan
  • Lots of improved error messages, modals and tooltips