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April 25, 2023

Massive update after a busy launch week #2

Here is the 3 things you can't miss

Other notable fixes and improvements

  • Made it easier to connect your Confluent Kafka Streams using the Confluent connector.
  • Data Copy operations are now atomic which ensures data is copied when it should be copied.
  • Improved error feedback on the CLI when failing creating a new Workspace and when pushing a Pipe with an empty SQL node.
  • Ensured that the OpenAPI schema we generate when creating an API Endpoint is now valid as an OpenAPI 3.0 schema.
  • We added the option to select advanced settings like the engine or the sorting key when creating a Data Source from the UI.
  • Destructive actions in the UI now require an extra confirmation step. No more unintentional breaks.
  • We did some usability improvements in the Auth Tokens page.
  • We fixed some inconsistencies in the number of workspaces a Data Source is being shared with.
  • We fixed the date filter in the Time Series public view.