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February 14, 2023

Welcome home Organizations

Get a birds eye view of your global usage

Track your usage commitments and manage your Workspaces and Users in a single place. Also get global observability metrics for all your Workspaces at once. If you use the Enterprise edition of Tinybird, let us know and we will activate it for you :)

Extra ball! Supercharge your CLI workflows with tb diff

The diff command allows you to compare files in your local env with the remote files in your Tinybird workspace. Find out more in the CLI docs, and remember to update to the last CLI version before using it.

Other notable changes

  • We’re including a confirmation modal when changing the TTL. We want to avoid unnecessary data loss.
  • User tokens can be refreshed (finally!).
  • You can now explore specific API Endpoint metrics in the Time Series directly from the API Endpoint page (just clicking on the metric’s name).
  • We’ve fixed a bug that allowed you to edit a query in a node while the query was running.
  • Improved the experience when the creation of a Materialized View from the UI was giving a timeout.