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December 19, 2023

CLI 2.0.0

CLI 2.0.0

The CLI 2.0.0 release brings some important breaking changes: consistent error codes, and the removal of prefixes and the tb pipe create command.

You can find the release in pypi.

if(failure) return 1;

All CLI commands now return status code 1 on failure.

Several CLI commands didn't return 1 on failure, which meant that they could silently fail while reporting success. This added some friction to building great CI processes, so we're ensuring that, going forward, all commands are consistent in their return values.

Removed prefixes

All prefix commands have been removed from the CLI.

We first announced the deprecation of prefixes in October. Since then, we've been in contact with all active prefix users to help them migrate off.

Prefixes were the original way to manage different projects in Tinybird, before it was possible to create multiple Workspaces. Using Workspaces has been the preferred workflow since their release, but prefixes continued to be supported for legacy users. From this release, we are saying goodbye to prefixes for good.

Removed tb pipe create

The tb pipe create has been removed from the CLI.

This command was deprecated & hidden from the CLI some time ago, as it added no benefit over simply creating a .pipe file yourself. Also, no one was using it 🤷‍♀️