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Create blank Data Sources in the UI

Create blank Data Sources in the UI without sending any data or using the CLI.

Add a new Data Source using the normal UI flow and select the 'Write schema' option. You can write the schema manually in the text editor modal that appears.

Update your Kafka Connector settings in the UI

Update the settings for an existing Kafka connection without leaving the UI.

Open the list of Kafka connection, click on the 3-dot menu for the connection you want to update, and select 'Edit settings'. You can update the connection name, Kafka brokers, auth creds, SASL mech and schema registry settings.

Error logging for BigQuery & Snowflake Connectors

Use the datasources_ops_log to see find errors for any BiqQuery or Snowflake jobs that go wrong.

You can query the datasources_ops_log log like any other Service Data Source to find information about your Tinybird usage. The datasources_ops_log will now include detailed error messages for any BigQuery or Snowbflake jobs that fail.

See when your MVs have errors

If a Materialized View has an error, you'll see a red dot next to it in the sidebar.

If you see a red dot next to a Materialized View in the sidebar, click on the MV to see more details about the error. To dismiss the notice, you'll need to open the MV and click the 'Dismiss' button.

Multiple Auth Tokens in .datasource files

Use multiple TOKEN lines at the top of a .datasource file to create multiple Auth Tokens.

Previously, you could only use one TOKEN line at the top of a .datasource file to set the Auth Token. You can now add as many TOKEN lines as you need to create multiple Auth Tokens.

Other notable changes

  • Better Kafka Connector error messages
  • Fixed various formatting errors when displaying data in the UI
  • Show external ID in the S3 Connector CLI output