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January 25, 2023

Notable fixes and improvements


  • New guided process to create a workspace using the CLI. Also improved inline help for workspace creation. Go try ‘tb workspace create –help’
  • We’ve fixed an issue with the ‘tb fmt’ CLI command to format queries. If your pipe had versioning, it was removing the VERSION 0 line on formatting.

Data Sources and Data Sources UI

  • It is now easier to inspect the columns of the Service Data Sources when working from the Pipe editor or Time Series editor.
  • We are now displaying the pulse graph also for materializations coming from Kafka Data Sources.
  • Users won’t be offered the option to delete Shared data sources under the "Clean up" section.
  • Now you can modify existing JSONPaths in data source columns, or add new columns with JSONPaths using the data source alter API.
  • Improved error messages when problems arise adding a column to the Data Source via the UI.
  • The UUID type is now available to choose when defining a new Schema via the UI.

Other notable changes

  • We’ve introduced 30 days option in the Time Series granularity selector.
  • Added support for arbitrary (non UTF-8) bytes in Kafka message keys when using Schema Registry.