Support for append and replace modes in Copy Pipes

It's now possible to specify the insertion mode for Copy Pipes. This is done by setting the new attribute COPY_MODE in the datafile, with the possible values:

  • append: Every execution will add the rows extracted by the Copy Pipe to the destination Data Source, incrementally.
  • replace: Every run completely replaces the destination Data Source content with the rows generated in the Copy Pipe.

Here's an example:

Example Copy Pipe with insertion mode REPLACE
NODE all_orders
    select * from orders

TYPE copy
COPY_MODE replace
COPY_SCHEDULE @on-demand

Tinybird Charts: New Table component

We're excited to introduce a powerful new addition to Tinybird Charts: The Table component!

This new component enhances your data visualization capabilities alongside the existing Chart components.

Tinybird Charts

Snapshots deprecation

The Snapshots feature will be deprecated next week, hiding the option to create new ones and removing the access to public ones. Remember to use the Playground instead.


  • You can now select the compression type for a Sink export from the UI.
  • Although a Node query will fail due to a 10 second timeout, it is now possible to create a resulting Copy Pipe.
  • Fixed a problem when querying the organization Service Data Sources in a Branch.