Enhancing Tinybird observability

Having a complete set of observability features in Tinybird is crucial for early issue detection, fast resolution, performance optimizations, and maintaining a reliable service. The better and more self-explanatory these features are, the easier any user can figure things out on their own.

That's why we've released the following enhancements to our observability features - so you can find and fix problems, fast.

Jobs Log

We’re excited to announce the release of our new feature: Jobs Log ✨

This new Service Data Source allows you to track run jobs across Workspaces, overcoming the limitations of the current Jobs API. With Jobs Log, you can access logs of jobs run over the past 12 months, without being restricted to 100 records or the past 48h. It's available in all Tinybird Workspaces as tinybird.jobs_log.

This new Service Data Source includes records for all Copy, Sinks, Populates, Import, and Deletes jobs.

More detailed error messages when using Connectors

Error messages include now more detailed information when using the Snowflake, BigQuery, or S3 Connector. You can check these records in the datasources_ops_log Service Data Source, and under the Logs tab in the UI. These improvements make it easier for you to understand your errors and fix them with autonomy.

You can now configure an Endpoint to monitor Data Sources that have not been successfully updated in the last hour; see Detect out-of-sync Data Sources.

Connectors bugfixes 🐞

The following issues around the S3 Connector have been addressed:

  • The file path expression is now fixed in the Preview UI. Files are detected correctly, and performance has improved significantly.
  • Fixed Parquet support.
  • Fixed compressed files support.
  • Fixed the issue causing the same files to get appended multiple times.