Tinybird Charts: Real-Time Embeddable Charts

Tinybird Charts

We've just released Tinybird Charts to turn your API Endpoints into real-time visualizations with just a few clicks.

Choose between a set of built-in visualization components, like lines, bars, stacked, areas, and more, that enable you to turn your real-time data into fast charts. Tinybird Charts is available to all Tinybird customers across all Tinybird pricing plans.

Build your user-facing analytics using Tinybird Charts

Tinybird Charts are highly customizable, and you can save style presets to apply them in a single click across any new Chart you create. Once your Chart is ready, copy the React or HTML code and embed it in your application. Remember that you can pass parameters to the Endpoint if you want to add filters like date or customer_id.

Tinybird Charts

You can learn more about Tinybird Charts in our docs or in our blog.