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October 9, 2023


The way you work with data is getting an upgrade. Iterating real-time data pipelines is very, very hard. And we’ve learned through trial, error, and long hours of customer support the patterns and practices that make it easier. Now, we’re enforcing those patterns, because the same techniques that software engineering teams use to collaborate on and deploy software products must also apply to real-time data products.

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The Playground provides a scratchpad for exploring and prototyping new queries. When an Environment is marked as read-only, the Playground can be used to safely write ad-hoc queries without requiring a new development Environment or impacting production.


EXPLAIN queries are now supported, allowing you to view the detailed query execution plan for your Pipe queries.

Command palette with CMD+K

A new command palette is accessible via the cmd+k hotkey. Use this to access a brand new search engine for your Tinybird resources, and navigate through the Tinybird UI using only the keyboard.

Region selector

The region selector has been extended. You can now select a cloud provider, see more region options, and request new regions without contacting support.

Deprecations 🚨

Python 3.7

Python 3.7 has been officially deprecated and is no longer supported by the Tinybird CLI.


Prefixes have been discouraged since the introduction of Workspaces. They are now officially deprecated and will no longer be supported. Most users moved away from prefixes a long time ago, so the impact should be minimal, but if you are still using prefixes and need support, please reach out in the Slack community!

Other notable changes

  • Ingesting CSVs now supports GZIP compression. Files must have the .gz extension.
  • The date and timestamp reserved words are now allowed as column names when using the Snowflake connector
  • Fixed a bug that caused node names not to re-render after the node name was changed
  • Improved the error message when pushing a Copy Pipe from the CLI that contained invalid SQL
  • Introduced a banner to remind users to save changes when modifying Auth Tokens
  • Added the ability to duplicate an Auth Token