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October 19, 2023

CLI 1.0.0 Stable

CLI 1.0.0 Stable

The Tinybird CLI is an essential tool for our customers. It has been the preferred way to interact with Tinybird APIs for many of our customers. With our recent Versions release, it has become the indispensable “command center” for version control and CI/CD operations. The importance of the CLI in our users’ daily operations cannot be overstated, and we recognize that bugs and instability in the tool can limit their productivity in our platform.

We are excited to announce our release of a stable version of the Tinybird CLI. The stable version is live on PyPi, and you can upgrade with pip:

pip install tinybird-cli==1.0.0

Other notable changes

  • Query parameters are now fully supported when using the Query API
  • Lists can now be used as default values in the templating Array function
  • You can no longer use an Endpoint Pipe for a Copy operation, use Copy Pipes instead
  • Auto-generated OpenAPI specs now also include POST endpoints
  • The TOO_MANY_SIMULTANEOUS_QUERIES error has been replaced with a more useful & actionable error message