Copy your Node results

We've improved the UI with a feature that makes it really easy to copy the output of any Node. Individual cell, row, column, the whole table: It's all ready to be copied immediately!

Just use your right click (or equivalent) in any Node results table and copy whatever you need:

Tinybird Copy

New icons in the Tinybird header

Also, we've included two new icons in the top-level header bar in the Tinybird app:

  • We've moved your user info and options to a more discoverable place: The new user icon at the top right of the Tinybird UI.
  • Next to the user icon, the latest changelog entries now appear as a bell icon. If the bell has an additional blue dot, it means there's been a new update to the product and corresponding entry. Check it out, we'll have something exciting to tell you!

Unified banner styles

We have unified how banners are shown across the whole platform.

With all notifications, no matter how many, they'll all be visible and ordered by priority. The priority is:

  1. Error (Red)
  2. Quarantine (Orange)
  3. Warning (Yellow)
  4. Warning/Info (Blue)

As long as a banner is not dismissed, it will continue to appear in the dropdown options. Once dismissed, it automatically moves to the next banner in order of priority.

From each banner, you can explore further details like context and links.

TimeSeries bug fixed

We've fixed a bug in the Time Series feature, so now it displays null values better.

Adding new columns to S3 Connector Data Sources

You can now add new columns to your S3 Connector Data Sources. You can do so with the CLI, the same way you do with other types of Data Sources.