S3 Connector

S3 connector

To bridge the gap between Amazon S3 and real-time applications, we’ve launched the Amazon S3 Connector. This first-party connector simplifies the process of ingesting data from files in Amazon S3 into Tinybird. Configured with either the UI and CLI, Tinybird can connect directly to your S3 bucket, discover files and ingest them into a Data Source, so you can publish APIs from your files.

Other notable changes

  • Accessing observability data from internal Service Data Sources is now free of charge
  • Brand new Workspace settings modal, now has much more information and better organized for clarity
  • Bug Fix - sometimes the UI would show the wrong chart for the BigQuery connector
  • Bug Fix - BigQuery previews would sometimes fail
  • Bug Fix - changing the name of Pipe to use the same name as another Pipe stopped displaying an error in the UI
  • Bug Fix - some edge cases where Copy Pipes would not detect compatible schemas with a Data Source
  • Quality of Life - the Token API /delete endpoint can now delete tokens by name or ID, not just by the token content
  • Quality of Life - the Tinybird region (EU/US) has been added to the Auth Token payload, so you can now use tb auth from the CLI and it will auto-detect which region to authenticate against