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November 2, 2023

Full screen query editor

You can now expand the Node query editor into a full screen view, making it easier to work with longer queries.

Tinybird Pipes allow you to break your queries down into small, chainable chunks that are much easier to build, share and maintain. However, there is a balance: no one wants 100 single line queries chained together. There’s no rules on how long your queries should be, or how many Nodes you must use, but we’ve found many users still have queries that are somewhere between 10-50 lines in a single Node. The way Nodes are displayed today means that these longer queries are cut off and require scrolling, which can disrupt the development flow. The new full screen editor gives you much more space to work in, can be split horizontally or vertically, and should make longer queries much easier to work with.

New sidebar navigation

The sidebar has been redesigned to provide better organization of your Tinybird resources.

As data projects grow, the amount of Pipes and Data Sources can become overwhelming. In the previous design, it could become hard to find the resources you wanted as there was too much noise present in the sidebar. Resources are now collapsed under their grouping (e.g., Pipes, Data Sources) and can be expanded into a table view in the main UI area. This new view also includes search and stats, making it easier to filter for the resources you care about right now.

Other notable changes

  • Better handling for query templating syntax errors, with error messages that now point to the Pipe and Node that contains the error
  • Fixed a bug when sending Int types over the Events API where the field name and JSONPath don’t match
  • The rows_before_limit_at_least field in an API Endpoint’s JSON response is now marked as optional in the OpenAPI spec